On the eve of the last day of Black history month, I’ve found myself in a peculiar season. A season of growth, increase, and opportunity. A season that I prayed for, a season that I worked for, and a season that feels incredibly uncomfortable. I AM BEING STRETCHED. Long, far, and wide and it feels strange. Like a dancer who has lost her groove. I go at it everyday hoping to find my mojo, my two step, my beat. I haven’t yet…but I’m getting there; clumsily but steadily.

At this exciting and isolating time, I took it as a sign from the universe when I stumbled across the film Rebirth Is Necessary by the dynamic Jen Nkiru, a Howard University Film graduate (gang!) This short is more art than essay so you can interpret it how you will but what I got from it was.

  1. Black is beautiful, black is bold, black is wonderful, black is gold.

  2. You can be your full self in all facets and assets.

  3. Rebirth is necessary.

Three key reminders I needed at this juncture. Leveling up is hard. It takes relentless, steadfast, and strategic effort to hit the next level. It’s hitting the wall enough times that you either break and crack open your greatness or adapt and develop the kind of armor that can take a charge. Birthing into your higher self is necessary. Birth is hard. Re-birth is necessary.

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