Queens of The New Age

The future is female. We are witnessing women compete and dom.i.nate in all arenas. Women now take up undeniable space in business, politics, and entertainment. It’s truly a paradigm shift and I’m glad to see opportunity open up for more of us. Even though I’m glad to see my sisters shine, the cream doesn’t always float to the top. Since I’m a firm believer in energizing what you like instead of charging what you dont I decided to highlight my favorite female artists popping wheelies on the zeitgeist. These women in my opinion are talented, skilled, innovative, and unique. They are icons in the making who bring something new to this oversaturated game. Rad bitches link up its our time to shine.



On the first night of October I got my life changed by the one and only Junglepussy. It was a small crowd of no more than 100 people. Dj Mad Bad Ting turned it up on the ones and two’s as Kari Faux performed and made it bounce like Spaulding. It was a cute time on a random weekday at the OC’s Observatory; but then it was showtime. Junglepussy clad in a casual short set with rainbow colored hair took the stage and proceeded to TURN IT OUT with no dj, backup dancers, singers, or hype man. She rapped every lyric like she meant it, looked us in our eyes, communed, and genuinely shared her energy with us. I’ve always had an affinity for JP but I was changed after that night. She is a supernova and so damn radical; she might be my favorite of all! Her ability to be conscious, ratchet, intellectual, activated, hilarious, and entertaining is truly unique. She is multidimensional and she invites her fans to be a very special thing; themselves. It looks like it’s just getting started for JP as her #BrownSugarTarot videos have gone viral and the New York times wrote that she should be nominated for an Oscar for her role in Support The Girls.


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Aka trap Aretha Franklin. This plus sized songbird has the range and the personality to pull on my heartstrings. She commands attention with unwavering confidence and her music is both classic and modern. She can sing down with a trap cadence and lyrics that can affirm you through anything. I’ve never seen a full-figured artist represent quite like her. What’s so refreshing about Lizzo is that her brand is built around body positivity, self-esteem, or overconfidence; a box I often see plus sized women forced in. Instead she just is,and she let’s the chips fall where they may. Beyond her polished vocals and sassy lyrics is a dope personality. You can find her twerking on IG, playing the flute, or shading the patriarchy in a way that only she can. She is a rare breed in this generation and I’m excited to see just how far she can take it. Her new single JUICE is out now.



If I had one word to describe Leikeli it would be visionary. I don’t think any artist is quite as artful with their craft and the attention to detail she executes is indisputable. Each project elevates, and you can damn near write a thesis on the complexities of her work. She’s comparable to Missy Elliot in the sense that she doesn’t just give you a song, she gives you a concept; complete from top to bottom. Her music is for the hoodstars who stanned Swapmeet culture and Basquiat equally. Her song Look and Wash & Set are complete moods that will have you strutting your bedroom like Billy Porter is narrating your category in an intense walk off. The masked musician just released her project Acrylic an ode to nail shop culture. I cant wait to see what boundaries Leikeli pushes, a hood musical perhaps?



Aka the raddest of them all! My introduction to Rico again came through the Insecure soundtrack. When I heard “Poppin” blast through my speakers for the first time it’s like I was possessed. The lyrics matched with Rico’s raw energy ignited a fire in me I didn’t even know I had. I screamed with her “I’m a poppin ass bitch let me remind ya!” as I rode down Manchester with my speakers rattling. When I attended her Sugartrap album release party dj’d by my good friend DJ Kita one thing became immediately clear; we weren’t witnessing an artist, we were witnessing a rockstar! Since then she has transcended in her own lane. Rico takes unapologetic to new levels. She is committed to her vision, what she has to say, and how she wants to say it. She’s the devil on your shoulder inviting you to black every now and then. I’m not sure the world knows what to do with her yet but I’m ready for contribution.



Last but certainly not least; Kali Uchis, aka Salena Steffani! Aesthetic, aesthetic, aesthetic is all that comes to mind when I think of the sultry singer. The devil is in the details and Kali never skimps. She has ben putting out consistently good music, videos, and looks her entire career and she keeps getting better. She has a classic sound that still works in today’s landscape and even though she is Latinx I never feel like Kali is appropriating. She is definitely invited to the cookout as I can feel her authentic spirit. As a filmmaker, I see on both sides and I know what it takes to produce quality content. That’s why I’m so enthralled by her music videos. The fashion, concepts, and effects she accomplishes are not easy to execute and I appreciate her commitment to her vision. It helps that she has great music to stand on. Her songs are timeless and relatable and her project Isolation was the soundtrack to my life at one point. She’s a great artist to help you connect with your divine feminine energy.

So there you have it, my list of future ICONS shaking shit up. I am inspired by each one of these ladies and they have ignited a fire in me! Keep your eyes peeled and vibes high in 2019.

w/ Love

-Dot Com

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