27 Club

I'm a dreamer—a distant dreamer who can imagine a fantasy so vivid I can live in it and even begin to see it as true. I’m always getting swept away in the whimsical fantasies I conjure up. But recently I've been on a journey to become more PRAGMATIC. I'm determined to keep my feet on the ground and my head in the game. 

It's so tempting to live in a fantasy. To build this grand vision for your life; one in where you look great, feel great and have the life of your dreams. Except it keeps you from creating that world in reality. You can spend so much time thinking about it that you never actually start it.  In reality, things are a lot more gray and a lot more bumpy than they appear in the movies. Falling in love may not feel like a whirlwind but a slow creep up a roller coaster. Getting fit looks less like a training montage and more like months of dedication and a real lifestyle change. Landing your dream job may take years out of college and when you finally get your foot in the door you have to start at the bottom.


So when I hit this big age of 27 years old, I hit the panic button. I would love to say I feel golden, and joyful and ready, but the truth is I feel anxious, ancient, and unsure. When I look back at how I’ve spent 27 years worth of time I wonder if I did it right? Did I make the right choices, invest in the right people, pursue the proper path(s) and so on and so forth. The cold hard truth is, I. don’t. know. I don’t know if I’ve spent my time wisely. I don’t know about my yesterdays, I don’t know anything. All I know is my right now and how I want to feel in this moment.

For so long, I’ve held back. Seriously. When I look back at my journals from years past. Malon believe in yourself. Malon see what they see. Malon do this, Malon do that, I’m finally ready to do it! To lean into my life with my whole heart. To stop worrying about people who aren’t worried about me. To stop worrying about offending people with my uniqueness. To be. To the 27 clubers, the fun has arrived!

Malon MurphyComment