Monday Mantra's

Monday, the day we all love to hate. Its the start to a brand new work week and the bitter reminder that weekend is in fact over. 

Though Mondaze serve as everyone's favorite punching bag, it's important to remember this is also the first day of the week. It's a pivotal time for intention setting.

It's best to start out on a high vibration that can carry you through the week, instead of that defeated blah energy it feels so good to lean on. 

A good way to do that is to set a Monday Mantra.

A short and sweet reminder that you can handle anything thrown at you. Your mantra should reinforce an area in which you can use some improvement. For me that is procrastination. 

Therefore the mantra this Monday is...


If you don't do it now, then you'll have to do it later. 

This serves as a reminder not to  listen to that procrastinating devil on my shoulder. That same devil that  persuades me to leave all the work for future me, then tells future me to leave it for future me. Its a vicious cycle that doesn't play well for present me. 


If you don't do it now, then you'll have to do it later, and it wont be easy or breezy later. The time is always now.


Happy Monday!


-Dot Com

Malon MurphyComment