Raw Cells


One overcast afternoon in downtown Los Angeles I stumbled across a woman with a super cute cart and awesome hair. She turned out to be Natasha James the owner of Raw Cells, a mobile vegan bakery.  

It may have been her aesthetic that attracted me, but it was her aura that drew me in. Chatting with Natasha was like catching up with an old friend. We discussed everything from her passion for her business to LA life over her snickerdoodles and quinoa crispies!

I took away more than delicious treats from our interaction. I left feeling inspired to pursue my own dreams and proud of Natasha for following hers. I had a bit more pep in my step. Maybe it was a boost from the vegan goodness, or maybe she sprinkles a bit of Black girl magic in her baked goods. You'll have to try it for yourself and see! 

You can find Raw Cells at rawcells.com, @rawcells on Instagram, and @rawcells on twitter.