The world is in TURMOIL. We don't bat an eye at mass murder, genocide is happening at the hands of police, and the earth is one oil spill away from purging the entire human race. I found myself overwhelmed and seriously pondering how what I could do when its all so much bigger than me. How can I stop global warming, or global terrorism, or the global stupification of society? It wasn't until I looked inside did I realize that the revolution is ENTIRELY PERSONAL. If you want to change the world, you first must change yourself. When you truly understand how much power you have you begin to take your life seriously. You wake up every day on a mission. You don't waste your precious time hoping and wishing. Instead you plan and execute. 

You WILL NOT reach the next level until you are ready.

If you want to be successful your behavior must reflect that. You must master the patience, work ethic, and discipline that success takes. You cannot be lazy. You cannot be sleep and you definitely can't hope for it more than you work for it. Your dream life will not fall out of the sky. 

I want every person to reach their potential and purpose. Because a purpose driven individual can change the world. This is why I started the Vibration Series. Where we will be discussing what it actually takes to Vibrate Higher. This is not your teatox waist training crash course to enlightenment. This is hard work and even harder conversations. 

Growth is painful. 

You will feel isolated. You will lose friends. You're life will feel like it's falling apart. Trust me when I tell you its falling together.

I am on this journey with you.

This is just as hard for me as it will be for you, but when we better ourselves, we better the world and raise the collective consciousness. So take the steps, do the work, aspire to VIBRATE HIGHER.




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