Concentrate On YOU.

21st-century life feels like one recurring news cycle that won't let up. We are privy to everything  all the time and in the words of Dave Chapelle, "How can you care about anything, when you have to care about everything?" It's an unprecedented time and we have yet see the true effects of this constant flow of information. However, one word comes to mind, when I think of the times and that word is DISTRACTION. I have never felt so scatterbrained in my life! I find it difficult to focus for long periods of time without the urge to check my phone or scroll on social media. FOMO is always lingering, as I watch everything everyone is doing all the time, via stories, snaps, and photographs. In a world where it almost feels like you don't exist if you aren't on the internet, it's so hard to strike a balance between real life and the lives we project.


Recently, I began doing a modified version of Ramadan. One in which I fast from turn-ups, dairy, and negative self-talk. My regime also includes prayer three times a day and yoga. Already I've noticed a difference and feel much more in tune with my inner voice. I have a renewed sense of clarity, discernment, and direction that I hope will strengthen the further I get into the process. But one thing keeps pulling me back into the rabbit hole, and that thing is social media. When scrolling down my timeline I constantly feel like I'm not doing enough, or doing too much, or doing it wrong. It's quite difficult to maintain my vibration when I'm always tuned into everyone else's reality show. But one thing I HAD to realize is "I'm getting caught up in things that just don't matter!" The mind can be petty and it will talk you out of your destiny if you let it. The brain has always been able to distract with nonfactors because it wants to keep us stagnant and comfortable. How many times have you been doing something that actually matters and thought "OMG, I have to do this low priority thing that literally can wait RIGHT NOW!" That's your mind playing tricks on you and with the advent of social media, the game done changed. 


One thing is for certain is that greatness requires a great deal of focus and discipline. You must devote yourself to your goals if you want to see results and sometimes that means putting your head down and getting low. Parties, friends, and outings will always be there; however, the window for your bright idea might not be. Maybe the zeitgeist needs it right now, maybe this is the season in your life when you can execute, maybe the concept is time sensitive. Whatever the case we don't got time for waisting time, cause time keeps on ticking with our without our contributions. You don't want to look up with a bunch of un-started, underdeveloped, and unfinished ideas bitter and mad at everyone else for it. Figure out what matters to you and lock-in. Isolate to elevate. 


When all else fails an attitude of gratitude will never do you wrong. Sometimes I get so caught up in the road ahead of me I forget about how far I've come. Being that I'm Side Hustle Susie I typically work weekends. Recently I've been beyond peeved that I often have to pass on weekend festivities; like very, very, peeved, but I had to check myself! There was a time not too long ago where I was car-less and broke trying to figure out how I was going to bring a little bit of change in. Now I have a vehicle and a means to provide extra when I need it and cover  myself in the offseason (this entrepreneur/artist life is real.) I've met great people, worked epic events and kept some money in my pocket. That seems like something to be thankful for. Yes I am ready for a new opportunity, yes I want my weekends free, yes I want to make more money, but that's up to me to change and acting pissy about what I already have is a great way to lose it. 

The moral of the story is you're doing fine, you're right on time, and you're not missing out on anything. 

Remember to cut through the noise and stay in your own lane.  There'sno way you can lose!

Recommended Listening: Kali Uchis Isolation. 

Coming Home Interlude <3




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