top 5: music video edition

Music is undoubtedly my first love. I was fortunate to grow up in a house where music was EVERYWHERE . My dad, a part time DJ made sure we were exposed to all genres. Family road trips were scored by James Brown, Aretha Franklin, and Johnny Guitar Watson. We religiously attended the Long Beach Blues Festival , and my aunts and uncles were aspiring musicians. The love runs deep.  But it was MUSIC VIDEOS that snatched my heart. I spent summers at my grandmother's house glued to the television enthralled by MTV JAMS. For me music videos were little worlds wrapped into 3 minute packages. The women were beautiful, the concepts were creative, and the impact was monumental. The culture of music videos is nowhere near what it was ten or twenty years ago. I find the videos of today to be lazy and recycled for the most part. But as a creative it is my responsibility to create what is lacking, not just complain about it. However, to move forward you must look back and its only right I pay homage to the videos that are so much apart of me. SO without further ado, I present you my TOP 5 FAVORITE VIDEOS OF ALL TIME!


The Biggie sample, the cheesy slow fades, Ashanti  shouting "Maaaaaaaa!" Who didn't get their life from this video? You felt like you were watching a Murder Inc. mafia movie. The acting was on point, and no one plays a no good man better than Terrence Howard. But what really makes this video golden is the depiction of a woman's conflict. Watching her waiting up for him, popping up at his house, and the silent anger gripping her heart as he sleeps in the iconic bedroom scene resonated with so many. The real zinger comes at the end when we see a fed up Ashanti heading for the door, but she cant' muster the strength to walk through it. It's as foolish as it is REAL.

"Even when I pack my bags, just something always holds me back." 


Let's start with the obvious, Mya is stunning. She is quite pleasing to the eye, but she doesn't rely on her beauty to entertain you. Mya laid out a PERFORMANCE. She gave you fashion, choreography, and acting, all the while teetering the line of sexy and classy. I was amazed at how fast she was able to change clothes and go. The creative direction was strong and played a huge role in making this video so fun. My personal favorite is the dance scene with the color changing sweat suit, but who can forget the tap dance number! She did an Apollo worthy jig, where she proceeds to rip of her pants and catch a magical cane from the sky. 

"Love me like ya never wanna let me go, if ya liking what tasting baby let me know."


This video was so bold, the orange and yellow coupled with the chill groove of this record instantly transported me to the Caribbean. The choreography was out of this world and so effortless. But the dancing and vibrant aesthetic are only half of what makes this video great. The storyline of the lost but lingering love between the two, is what plays with your heart strings. The universal "I'm still in love with you," look the protagonist gives when she sees her ex hits it on the head. Watch this video only if your best friend is around to hide your phone.

"You don't know how to love me, not even how to kiss me. "


Q-tip had the BEST video girls, period. He found ladies who were drop dead gorgeous, but still had that around the way essence. You felt like you could see them walking down the street, a quality I find lacking in today's video model.This video had so much energy! Q-Tip was in rare form rocking a leather poncho and full denim outfit. This is a signature Hype Williams joint, and who doesn't love a Hype Williams joint? The slow motion pans, the futuristic set design, and the panoramic nature are tell tale signs. If you ever want to take a time machine to the late 90's I'd suggest throwing this on. 

"Breathe and Stop forreal and give it what you got!"


Feel how you may about the outspoken femcee, but no one gets down on a house beat like AB. I'm not sure what it is about this video I love so much. It is minimal in location, set design, and costume, but there's just something magical about it. Banks exudes pure confidence. She reminds me of Lucy Lu in Kill Bill, say the wrong thing and off with your head in one clean swipe. The minimalistic approach enhances the song tremendously. Banks donned in a low brimmed hat, leaning on a cane, and delivering BARS creates a strong image. The video is only about two minutes but the seamless editing makes it feel much longer.

"Damn little Bam you a real bad bitch."
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