Unapologetically Black

Unapologetically Black is malondotcom's debut music video. produced, directed, and edited for the supercrew shadows of society. 

the video was well received and kicked off mass appeal's music video night 008 playlist!

Mocha Yoga




mocha yoga is a lifestyle and wellness brand created by malon and salena collins to bring representation to the mat.


#Adulting is an acclaimed web series that chronicles the journey to adulthood for five Black millennials. I served as creative producer for Season one.

Side chick syndrome

Behind the Scenes of SCS shot by the film's cinematographer Kalyn Jacobs. 



Side Chick SyndroME is my first short film. Watch what happens when Kari finds out the true cost of being a side chick is. 

Unofficial Soundtrack.

Nevermind the End- Tei Shi (Saint Pepsi Remix)

Right There- Anderson Paak

Slow it Down-Tiffany Gouche

Sobriety- Sza

P.Y.P.- Breezy Lovejoy now known as Anderson Paak