A media maven with production prowess


As a bright young thing, I've always had a high capacity for language, arts, compassion and leadership. These tenants are the foundation of  my work today. I was swept up into the blogger boom of the mid 2000's frequenting site like Karla's Closet, The Cool Hunter, and Kanye Universe City. I ran my own blog for five years, creating original copy, curating imagery, and forecasting culture. This gave me the valuable skills of creating optimal content, crafting witty copy, and sharpening my eye for trends and vivid imagery; it also pushed me into photography and videography and ultimately led me to filmmaking.  Fast forward 10 years  and I'm now a social media maven, filmmaker, and writer with a strong voice. I've concentrated my blogging skills for social media, have been published in the Huffington Post and CRWN magazine, and  received my degree in film from Howard University. I've been a social media manager helping brands like CRWN magazine grow their following a producer managing film projects from pre-to-post production,and a director creating visionary shorts and music videos. I blend and bend multiple disciplines to create compelling content. My ultimate goal in everything I do is to push culture forward and inspire all people to Vibrate Higher! 
Welcome to my world, get comfortable and look around.