Malon Murphy is an artist and activist from Los Angeles California. Since childhood she demonstrated an immense capacity for creativity and was extremely expressive. She explored her talents through language and arts and slowly fell into her creative niche. Malon showed strength in writing and cultivated those skills in some of LAUSD's most competitive magnets. Those skills stuck landed her features in The Huffington Post, CRWN Magazine, and more! She married her affinity for words with her intrigue in visuals when she studied film at the illustrious Howard University. There she dug into the wide world of filmmaking and earned the nickname "tech center girl," because she was always on her job at the center. Since college Malon has embarked on many creative pursuits. She helped launch CRWN Magazine, worked on the Emmy Nominated series GIANTS, and as an Executive Assistant. She has garnered a diverse skill set from these experiences and is well versed in writing, directing, editing, producing, and more. Most recently she is campaigning for her next short film Verisimilitude. It is the first feature of her upcoming anthology Words & Films Vol 1. and demonstrates the lengths we go to uphold our image on social media. 

CV available upon request.